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Allison aka the girl in the Este dress

I like haim & the spice girls & nothing else✌️

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white people ordering food at a mexican restaurant
oh my god WAIT I AM SEVERELY UNINFORMED YOU KNOW THE HAIMS???? I am so sorry i bet you're sick of explaining hahahaha, that is absolutely insane. and yeah bass face dress it is hahaha, Donna knows best

Haha I talk to Donna & este on the reg but it’s literally just cuz I go to as many shows as I can that they’ve kept in touch—I think este is probably the one who’s annoyed bc ppl are like “este there’s this girl with this dress u gotta see!” & she’s like yes, Allison, I know…. Haha :P




Maybe the best sarcastic conversation in tv history 

So. Good. 


*adds like 30 question marks to things that arent even questions*